Chemical Analysis

Serveral important features and benefits set us apart from other laboratories. We are entirely independent. All work is carried out "in-house". We give you answers in plain English.

Our own purpose built testing laboratory is capable of a wide range of analytical techniques servicing a variety of industries as well as supporting our paint & flooring testing activities. Some of the industries served are : adhesives, plastics, packaging, wall coverings, inks, sealants.

Although our expertise is primarily polymer orientated many specialist analytical methods are available.

A wide range of classical chemical analytical procedures is also available.

Equipment includes:-
Infra-red spectrophotometry
Visible / Ultra-Violet spectrophotometry
Gas chromatography
Pyrolysis gas chromatography
Oxygen bomb combustion analysis
Optical microscopy
Flash point determination
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  • Polymer & Paint Technologists
  • Analytical Chemists
  • Flooring Consultants
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