Our fully equipped paint laboratory perform the following tests.

  • Viscosity – Brookfield, Cone & Plate, Rotothinner
  • Specific Gravity
  • Opacity & Contrast Ratio
  • Whiteness & Colour Measurement
  • Leveling
  • Sheen
  • Wet Scrub Resistance
  • Mudcrack
  • Stain Retention
  • Burnishing

Also facilities for large scale application trials and practical assessment, as well as many other paint testing procedures.

John Ashworth has extensive experience in paint testing and paint analysis of all types of industrial & decorative emulsion paints, trim paints, masonry paints & speciality products, varnishes, woodstains and corrosion analysis. A range of specialist portable equipment is available for on-site paint inspection and paint testing.


On site inspection & failure investigation service of all types of painted substrates. Portable microscopes, film thickness measurement, adhesion tester etc.

In addition to paints we have facilities for testing & analysis of other building materials:- sealants, adhesives, cementitious products.

  • Consulting Scientists
  • Polymer & Paint Technologists
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Flooring Consultants
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  • Chemical Analysis Testing
  • Polymer Analysis
  • Paint Analysis
  • Resin Analysis
  • Plastic Analysis
  • Sealant Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Paint Testing
  • Adhesives Testing
  • Paint Research & Development
  • Paint Quality Assurance
  • Flooring Consultancy
  • Floor Resistances
  • Flooring Problems
  • Resin Floor Problems
  • Vinyl Floor Problems